Love 'n Light Wellness and Cuisine by Leah

"inspiring and helping people gain optimal health is my passion.

I love sharing my food creations and knowledge  by showing people you can have a quality life no matter what age!"

Love and Light!~ Leah

 Leah cruz

Leah is an entrepreneur, chef and health coach specializing in plant-based cuisine and nutrition. She has over 15yrs experience on plant-based cuisine and nutrition. Leah was born in the Philippines and raised in Chicago was inspired to become vegetarian in high school. "After seeing what was actually cooked...dead animal parts in a pot or pan, not at all appetizing,  seasoned, dressed and given a fancy name" was disgusted to find different flavors and foods she enjoyed were dismembered animal, she realized it wasn't the "meat or animal parts" it was the herbs and spices. Through many friends and family with different cultural backgrounds she learned what herbs, spices and veggies were used to make all the thing she loved from Filipino , PuertoRican, Chinese, Mexican, Indian, Italian, Senegalese, Cuban, Thai and Soul Food.

In 1999, Leah was diagnosed with ovarian cancer after being vegetarian. Leah opted not to go through  conventional means of chemo or radiation. Leah was led to a natural, holistic way of healing. Healing through herbs, colonics, juicing, raw vegan lifestyle, fitness, mental, spiritual and emotional wellness is Leah's belief and passion in helping others with different health and healing goals!

In 2008, Leah opened the first vegan restaurant, VegaDeli in Chesterfield, MO. In 2011 Leah  opened first raw vegan cafe and yoga studio, PuraVegan in St. Louis, MO which is still successful today!

Love 'n Light Wellness and Cuisine founded by Leah in 2014 promoting health and wellness. Love 'n Light is a grassroots, small business start up in July 2015  to Los Angeles, CA. Leah was honored to received 3rd place Green Brand Award out of the hundreds of other terrific vendors at the LA Green Festival Expo 2015.

Leah passionately continues to offer personalized meal plans, coaching, catering and classes in the Los Angeles, CA area.  Love 'n Light Cuisine's ingredients contain  organic, vegan, plant-based  fresh whole foods are locally sourced from local farmer's markets when possible and organic suppliers. Leah also implements eco-friendly packaging and supplies in her business. Leah also loves fundraising and promote various non profit organizations from animal rescues and helping the homeless .

Most importantly Leah always adds Love 'n Light in everything she does and would love to share her passion, knowledge and dedication in working with you!