COMING SOON... to Los Angeles and the surrounding area! These events will be a prelude to me opening a Tonic and Herbal Juice Bar and Wellness Center! A chance to sample, learn and get a taste of my organic raw  vegan cuisine and herbal superfood tonics!

Subscribe today if your interested in special events, cooking classes, food tastings, parties and supper clubs. This will be an exclusive invite only event with limited space/seating.

Feel free to share with anyone who might be interested or organization/business co-hosting! Portions of the proceeds will be donated to local animal rescues or homeless organizations!

Click below and sign up today!

Upcoming Events...

Would LOVE to see you there!


As most or some of you know, since I've moved out here I've done various fundraising events whether it was for animals or homeless. I've done all these events out of pocket and need your help! As a single mom...I'd like to continue to do this on a monthly basis and would love your help!
This month I am preparing food...all vegan and delivering to Divine Homeless Project the last Sunday of the month! With monthly donations I can do this every month! In order to prepare I hope to gain support and donations before the 19th to help make this happen!!
I am reaching out to anyone who can donate ANY amount helps through PayPal !

Also if you would like your donation posted or a link to your business or personal page on my website for this month for sponsoring please email me.
Please feel to share this event!
Thanks in advance! Gratitude for you support and generosity!

Love and Light! Leah

Love 'n Light Wellness and Cuisine by Leah